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Quite pleased with this panorama

What with long exposures, drifting smoke and the fact that it’s a panorama; this one was quite tricky:

The full-fat, 4.6Mb, 5263 x 2230 pixel version is here

Really huge panorama

Here’s a panorama I did of Granada, in Spain.  Notable mainly for the size: it’s 29,300 x 1826 pixels.  Interesting to zoom in and have a look around though.  It was taken from the top of the tower in the Science Park (which is an interesting day out, especially if you have kids).  I could have made it bigger, but 30,000 pixels is a sort of theoretical limit for the JPEG format.  You can go bigger, but image software starts behaving oddly after that, and some just refuses to display it.  Besides, 43.8Mb is probably big enough for an image file, particularly a JPEG.

This is a thumbnail:

And the actual file is here:

…possibly best if you right-click and ‘save as’ on the link and look at it locally.  Your browser will thank you.

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