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Here on the site you will find a few free imaginatively titled templates for your enjoyment and use.  All are ready to go with WordPress 3.1 and should last for quite a while beyond that.  Most are purposefully bland so they are useful for pretty well any situation; and you can always add a new header to personalise it (just replace the image files in the /images/ folder).  Similarly, most are 3 column, as you can always reduce the number of columns for a particular page in the WordPress admin, but you can’t add them if they are not there.

The themes are free to download and use for whatever you like, but please do not remove the tiny ‘designed by’ link at the bottom.

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For any potential clients who have made it this far:  Firstly, congratulations on your excellent taste and your discerning choice of freelance contractors (and have I told you that you look lovely in this light…have you done something with your hair?).  Secondly, please have a flick through some themes…you may get some design ideas, or some likes and don’t likes sorted out.  Also you can see how the same content can look completely different if you mess around with the colours, fonts and layout.

Quite pleased with this panorama

What with long exposures, drifting smoke and the fact that it’s a panorama; this one was quite tricky:

The full-fat, 4.6Mb, 5263 x 2230 pixel version is here

Button generators

The button generator set is a series of 5 shapes in Photoshop PSD files for generating buttons and logos with borders and effects.  Each button can generate any of the effects below (and more!) just by clicking layers on and off.  If you alter the transparency of the layers you have even more choices.  There’s a custom layer for both fill and ring in case you want to put your own colours/effects in.

The rectangle and oval shapes are 2133 x 800 pixels.   The circle, square and pacman shapes are 800 x 800.  This is big enough that your generated images will look good in print.

Each shape has the following layers:

  • Black text
  • White text
  • Ring transparent bevel – 3D look for any ring colour underneath
  • Ring gold
  • Ring silver
  • Ring custom colour
  • Ring base black
  • Fill texture burn: default 50% transparent – burned edges
  • Fill texture wood: default 50% transparent – wood grain
  • Fill texture crackle: default 50% transparent – mosaic texture
  • Fill texture bio: default 50% transparent -‘virus’ texture
  • Cosmic fill: default 50% transparent
  • Planet fill: default 50% transparent
  • Sky fill: default 50% transparent
  • Marble fill: default 50% transparent
  • Green fill: default 50% transparent
  • Red fill: default 50% transparent
  • Blue fill: default 50% transparent
  • Black fill
  • White fill
  • Custom fill – select layer and put your specific colour in here
  • Basic shape white (in case you want to add a drop-shadow)

Here’s just some of what you can easily do:

You can download the files here.  They are Photoshop PSD files inside a zip file, so they won’t do you any good if you don’t have Photoshop.

Really huge panorama

Here’s a panorama I did of Granada, in Spain.  Notable mainly for the size: it’s 29,300 x 1826 pixels.  Interesting to zoom in and have a look around though.  It was taken from the top of the tower in the Science Park (which is an interesting day out, especially if you have kids).  I could have made it bigger, but 30,000 pixels is a sort of theoretical limit for the JPEG format.  You can go bigger, but image software starts behaving oddly after that, and some just refuses to display it.  Besides, 43.8Mb is probably big enough for an image file, particularly a JPEG.

This is a thumbnail:

And the actual file is here:

…possibly best if you right-click and ‘save as’ on the link and look at it locally.  Your browser will thank you.

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